It took me a while to coin this phrase that we use internally at DH Technologies.

I like this term because it describes our company well.

We try to think big picture and always look to the future.  This allows us to focus on emerging technologies and evangelize the ones we believe in.  We are often called the loudest group in a crowd.

I don’t mind being with the loud group; in fact, I encourage it.

It’s ok to stand out!

I think in this day and age the outcasts are the ones who become the most popular and successful.

What does it mean to be strategically rowdy?

You have to think about things differently.  You have to look at things in their most basic form and try to get a better understanding. Question why it is the way it is.

I was taught to not blindly follow rules but to get a better understanding of the purpose of the rule.  Unfortunately, we all get hung up on hearsay and bad information, and it creates a bias that is difficult to overcome.

You most certainly CAN NOT do business as usual.

You have to anticipate the future!  Think critically!

Rebuke biases and current beliefs; both your own and your customers.

Interpret the information at your disposal and look for opposing views.

Get someone to challenge your way of thinking so you can see different perspectives.

Educate yourself so you can be prepared.  Then go back and educate yourself again and again!  All of these things combined are an unorthodox way of thinking.  It’s ok to be different.

Finally, you have to take a stance! 

This is where the rowdiness comes in.  

You can’t stand short in a tall crowd.  You can’t be silent in a group of people.  You can’t watch as the pitch goes sailing past you.  Be noticed!  Be passionate!  Be a disruptor!  Get the word out! Be rowdy! Just don’t be rude!

We carefully orchestrated moves in the first couple years of business as DH Technologies.  We started with the right technologies.  We then focused on ensuring we have the right government contract vehicles for our customers.  We keep looking toward the future.  Maybe you can challenge our way of thinking or educate us on the next great thing.  Either way, we are proud of being rowdy, and encouraging creativity.  All these attributes have contributed to our growth and success.

Thinking like this has earned us a few accolades such as CRN’s #1 spot on Fast Growth 150, CRN’s 2016 Solution Provider 500, and Washington Business Journal’s 2016 Top Small Technology Companies list.  Obviously, that’s just the beginning of great things to come.  We are hiring!  If this sounds like something you want to be a part of apply for a position.  You can be part of our creativity!   Contact Us