This past week, many of the DH Tech team have been living it up in New Orleans. Not for Mardi Gras, but for the annual Nutanix conference: #NEXTConf. From new services (Flow, Era & Beam) to earning the Nutanix Certified Sales xPert certification – the 2018 Nutanix NEXT conference paved a path for DH Tech to continue to offer premier solutions and offerings to our customers. Here are 3 things we learned and are excited to share more about them with you:

1.) Nutanix Beam


The first Nutanix Software as a Service, Beam “offers multi-cloud governance so customers can manage their spending, security and regulatory compliance across almost any cloud platform. Beam provides in-depth analysis of exactly how organizations are consuming public cloud services.” (Read more about Beam here)

2. Nutanix Flow


For data center operators, Nutanix’ newly released Flow is a game changer. “Nutanix Flow simplifies network and policy management with a focus towards applications – enabling applications and environments to be governed independently of the physical infrastructure. Delivering advanced networking and security services that allow enterprises to gain visibility and granular control of their enterprise applications, leading to better application function and security posture.” (Learn more about Nutanix flow, here.)

3. Nutanix Era


Nutanix Era ‘makes things simple’. Era’s snapshotting technology allows easy management of multiple copies of databases, easily provision fully configured database services, and selects specific point-in-time copies they want.  (Read more about Era by Nutanix here.)

In Conclusion

With all the changes and new technology and solutions, Nutanix announced, one may think Nutanix is headed in a different direction. Quick to dismiss any confusion, VP of technical marketing at Nutanix,

 “The strategy has been the same for two-plus years, to help our customers build, manage and scale multi-cloud architectures.”

At DH Tech, we’re proud to be part of the story that helps our customers migrate and integrate with the powerful solution that Nutanix is. Curious about how Nutanix can help your agency or business, drop us a line!

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